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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  August 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the trees are completely uprooted people come here all day to take photos of the
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when the rain finally came, he came with a vengeance in cleveland heights. the.where things again going everywhere >> winds gusting up to 80 mph about ten tuesday night. microburst knocking down branches and uprooting treeses one crashed into this, as >> it was very startling, it felt like someone looked at the house,, >> a place known for tree-lined streets.. s-word integer car? trees. the storm cut power to traffic signals in about 10,000 homes.
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common theme, cleveland heights fire chief reminds everyone to keep a safe distance. you do want to get near any of it because there are wires around most of it . and it can cha the entire area. there is debris blocking several roads. >> i tried to get down various traits and cannot get in. despite all3ofof the damage, nobody injured. at this time, there is still plenty of cleanup to be done in cleveland heights several thousand without power for synergy plans to have all power restored by 10:00 p.m. tonight . >> don't see that kind of damag very often ignites the good news is that there are still no
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with trees falling on houses so that was the good news in this. >> more than $200 are without power after heavy winds and rain sent powerlines crashing to the ground.d. >> it happened on mentor avenue near garfield wrote asas roosev leftwich has the latest information. it was a terrible night. can see a clump of trees the power crew working that's what happened. large tree limb. had fallen across the power lines causing problems. power lines remain down here, traffic down to one lane on the northbound
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here at mentor avenue and garfield wrote with treason parallels dined. knock at large lambs on the power lines people say a transformer caught fire for 20 minutes mentor avenue wa blocked off for most of the as they tried to tear out the damage it has been a difficult day for everyone with warmer temperaturesne. >> lots of thunder lightening. everything went out. try to go back to sleep. >> without the house was on fir it was a huge explosion we can see that tree was covering mentor avenue.
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still see in the northbound lane. it will be like that for a while. first energy hopes to have power restored tonightf. the big issue is if it will be restored to stop many people were told that by the power company might be another day before they get the power restored. one of the things that lots of people say is that they've been working together to help clear of the debris.l one pers with the generator allows other people to at least get their
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local police officers they cannot with a powerful survivor storyal , recovery and after getting struck by an out-of-control driver ec peggy gallek is here with the officers message. cargo falls officer tensing davis suffered injuries including fractured pelvis, for the first time, since the july 23 crash he was back at t department. the crutches are temporary, officer ted davis says that the smile on his face is permanent. is thankful to be able to walk because just 18 days ago, itit wasn't something he was su he would be able to do again. there were two surgeries the dr. said ever
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back downng for my chest cavity with a couple of broken ribs an . on july 23, 46-year-old donald watson junior of akron ran his pickup truck into davises cruiser. they say watson made as 911 callth threatened to kill law enforcement officers. shortly before he crashed into several part cruisers in the parking lo >> and fled in crashed into davises vehicle. >> i just liking the guys i wor with where there and the fireme did what they needed to and i got to the hospital. >> he continues to recover with his friends and family at his
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another guys have been supporting him, but this is his home away from home. >> many in cargo falls see that their hearts break for other la enforcement officers nationwide that have been attacked. the support that we as seen fromm the community really help the officer. he said he will be forever grateful to his family,sa fello officers andy, community. >> when we start our shift, knew that it could be us in my positions and we are one great big family. >> he has a long road of recovery aheadad but he said th his goal is to be back to work
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19 tracking developments of the struggle of three local men to clear their name after being convicted ofl murder and doing nearly 20 years in prison, as a gallic is here with what happened today. a a step closer to have in the casese thrown out, to date lawy met behind closed doors and sources close to the case say that next weekek it will likely dismissed the call themselves the east cleveland three, walked out of prison in 2015, after 20 years for murder that they said they did not commit,, judge nancy russo ruled they should get a new trial, problem with the case after witnesse to back what she said and the cour found evidence that have been withheld, the new trial is fo monday, but sources close to the case say that at that time the charges will likely be dismissed.loi >> hearing today is to review possible testimony from an old
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tracked down, since we hear fro multiple sources of plans to drop the case we reached out to county prosecutors e , that par the story coming up at 5:00 p.m.. two police officers and lorain county are being credite with saving thee life of an elderly disabled woman who was trapped in a burning apartment jack shea here with this it is an uplifting story. it took courage and strength but according to the boss it was just another day at work for th two officers.. amherst firefighters and police officers rushed to a fir at the pine crest apartments on mineral ridge road tuesday two police officers among the first to arrive and realize a disable womangfi is trapped on the seco
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sergeant micheal orosz back, a 16 year veteran and patrolman bryan griffin, sworn in last year, carry the 73-year-old woman to safety. >> i saw the flames coming out of the window of the upper floor, it was just about engulfed. >> police chief had just arrive when he saw the officers carry the woman out of the smoke and flames says that he was proud. did not think about themselves, they saw that there was anid elderly person who nee help and without thinking, thei first action or instinct was to go up into the stairwell on the second story and carry her across to the parking lot so it was amazing. investigators are convinced that if the two officers and acted so quickly the woman woul
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the 73 or woman is now staying with relatives and told the chief that she creditsit the officers with saving her life. >> this is typical police mentality, it does not matter who you are, does not matter your walk of life, if someone needs help, they're willing to put themselves in danger to help. achieve is now recommending that they be honored for their bravery with a commendation, were told that the victim and her family are grateful for the .ctionsns there was severe weather, that can strike fast and hard. >> the impact could be devastating even if you have
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eventually cool front wellhead in our direction this weekend linking up with some heavy rainfall and low pressure from the south. that will bring afternoon showers/storms throug fridayay and the weekend producing potentially some heavy rainfall widespread saturday sunday. 81 degrees lakefront the dewpoint is so close to the temperature it is saturated. we had a light breeze gate-cam. heat index and one point minus 102 a at cuyahoga airport.
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soupy air mass is like 105 law. hit 90 degrees for the 20th time and still counting. excessive heat across the central plains and severe weather and the north south dakota borders. the aza slowly moved northward it will slow down brain heavy rainfall throughout the upcoming week watch for some flooding potential is not out of the question as we get closer the weekend we will give you more updated, information. tomorrow partly sunny, hot and humid showers/storms in the afternoon
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showers. tonight low 70s still extremely humid. overnight pretty quiet a few stormsms redeveloping tomorrow afternoon because of the day number 21 in the '90s and maybe another one on friday, th best chance of heavy rainfall,, widespread, saturday sunday int early monday before it cooler next tuesday wednesday thursday next week. the dinner time for committing a crime but now they have companionship, up
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and prison program called gender loving caninene making an impac inct
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california allows three puppies to spend time with inmates for 18 months they must come to train them and become service dogse but before they help someone with special needs the dogs are also helping these prisoners.h i think i have a hard heart, i been doing criminal activity for so long and now that iar have him he's maybe humble. >> i see the dog in the yard it brought joy to me like, and mim smile and in here, those are few and far between, they're hard t come byy >> the program is run by specia year-long grant featuring nine inmates, they hope to have two more dogs in the next month or so. 91-year-old man is not letting poor health stop them from doing some important work may not be as productive as he wants busus if it helps, he is
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busy in his hospice in michigan, he knits hats for the homeless in fact he has made more than 18,000. >> it just makes feel good i don't know, i have to be here, don't do it very fast. >> this has been the best thing that has happened to me becausee i just in my room and i am a ba patient for everything. he's been making hats for homeless people for more than 1 years. mts >> oklahoma boy was it a read t celebrate his birthday with a parting. >> with people start to back ou out of the party his family wor that they would have to cancel it,t, until the received a surpriseec.. >> he has autism and is difficult to make friends,s, family planned a birthday party
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a neighbor called the police to tell them about what was happening so that's whente police officers decided that he had a party but also the 8 -day that he will not forget. told that this one's autism woulds have a birthday party an they asked if we couldav show u. >> for them to team take the time out of their day to come say hello to himay. happy birthday. that means a lot. a special young man he is, it took a while for him to warm up to the officers but before lon he made friends and got a chan to check out the police cruisers it was a memorable day for him and his entire family. in the blink of an eye,
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weather damage your property> . what you need to know to get repairs done fast . and paper and shots, some students will not be allowed back to school without any
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. >> we had some bad thunderstorm last night. and are we in line for more severe weather tonight? as if we do, we do not people had last night. >> dick goddard reminds us to mark the calendar if you had some damage yesterday, market because insurance coverage will need to know that and our first severe thunderstorm for severe, the hour loop of the storms becoming more robust especially geauga, and northwest trumbull
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this is moving east about 40 mph with hail and wind in excess of 60 plus. the microburst yesterday and cleveland heights about 80 mph wind gust. this will cool down making thisis more dense and he so it falls or rapidly from the clouds so that is the potential for some of these over th could be some flooding in some areas of heavy rainfall in the same spot over a prolonged amount of timee long route 80 a along the turnpike and thunder near mosquito lake. we have
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the washington. the lightning detector is at 5,000 strikes over 1 inch at hopkins. a lot less youngstown area where you could use a lot more. made a break earlier this morning is still hot and humid. tonight if you even storms otherwise partl cloudy tomorrow, chance of afternoon showers.
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'90s. rest of the weekend forecast in kids go back to the first day of school. high winds, downed trees and property damage it is tempting to deal with contractors to offer help knocking on your door.oo >> lorrie taylor says i could b an expensive mistake joins us i tips to protect your pocketbook in tonight's call fo action consumer report. >> be careful of contractors wh show up on your doorstepbe some may be legitimate but many are not, knowing how to handle the .ituation can save you money itit is easy to overwhelmed after a storm damages your property most of us are not prepared to remove the trees a repair the roof, hiring the
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knocks or to allow them to fix the problem before contacting your insuranc agency canan tf create problems. it is okay to cover a whole and the roof with a tarp.t do not d allow repairs that correc or eliminate the problem until your insurance adjuster has an opportunity to sign off. taking pictures can help improve your claim, the ohio insurance institute and department of insurance recommendndt get seve estimates, do not be bullied be into signing a contract especially one that prevents yo frommig presenting your own cla to the insurance company. >> be present for the inspection, you want someone claiming damage that does not exist or create a problem view you do not actually have is als important to know who you deal with.
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bbb or complaints but just as importantly, search the court docket in surrounding counties to see him in the lawsuits of them filed against them, one or two over the years may be nothing,haitw but a long list i sure sign of unreliability or dishonesty, and do not pay in full until the work is completed. the ns recommends asking for a drivers license take down all of the infofo if you do work with some who knocks on your door, but you're better off asking people you know for liquidations, and also call the billing departmen to ask who is licensed to work in your area is a good place to start. i'm surprised how many people and said that they contact the better business bureau but not realizing that there was a long
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the score your brains a new state law regarding children's health, this year students in the ninth and 12th grades must receive n the meningitis vaccin that some parents say they were not aware of the changes as jennifer jordan joins us with the details. the new meningitis mandate assigned by governor kasich las year is an effort to keep students helping. some northeast ohio schools informing parents about the sex educationg la before the end of last year but not everybody got the memo states that all incoming seventh graders must have one dose of the vaccine an all incoming 12th graderso must have a second dosage of the vaccine, the first full school year requirement will be in place and some districtsir allow students to attend class on the first day of school at the shot has not been taken, that they
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get the vaccine, g four-tier was given a clean bill of health during her back-to-school physical today at the cleveland clinictsi but her mom was unawa of the new law that will affect her daughter in the near future doctors also stress it is importants . this vaccine protects against four different kinds of virus, the main thing that it causes i which is an infection of the lining around the spinal cord and brain if you get this infection that can lead to permanent disability or deathth want to make sure that my child has everything needed to start school, how many other parents will be disappointed the kids will be disappointed, because they did not know that this had to be done. >> some districts allow a grace period at the beginning of the school year for students to get
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has been around for years but has not been required until nowt they say the incidence of meningitis is falling and they would like to keep it that way they said that the new law coul not have come at a better time . donald trump continues to catch sheet for remarks some se as a veiled threat against hillary clintone >> she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks peoplele, maybe there is, i don know. some democrats believe he was encouraging people to take up arms against hillary clinton bu emin trump campaign says he mea that people who supportum the second amendment have the power to defeat her at the ballot box, the secret service has talked t the trump campaign about the the trump campaign and says he did not intend to incite violence, tpa clinton's
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>> nobody seeking a leadership position in a special, she do anything to countenance violence. and that's what he was saying.. dan rather commented on the remarkser said that it was a new low in presidential politics.. the justice department issuing a scathing assessment of the baltimore police department finding police officers engage in an unconstitutional practice that m b to comes after the death of freddie gray, reporter emily schmidt with more. there's no mention of freddie gray's death and the doj baltimore police review. they say their problems did not happen overnight >> these violations have deeply eroded the mutual trust betweeno being pd and the community served.d. >> they found the police routinely used excessive force,
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protected expression and made unconstitutional searches arres especially of african-americans. one african american men. thirty times in less than four yearss none of the stops resulting in a citation or chargehe looking at 6 years of data conversation with groups across baltimore finding deficiencies of policee training policy supervision and accountability. we know that our citizens are outraged.we the baltimore police commissioner says there are no tolerance for officers who are racist, sexistheay or biased and promised changes, the mayor promisesa that it would cost between five and $10 million a year.atou findings are challenging to hear but let me ben clear i nev sugarcoat our problems.e the oj will be talking with the community and law enforcement about potential reforms were looking to rebuild
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baltimore police broke, emily schmidt reporting. the event we wait for years. >> i'll talk about the actual index,x, it is our way of olymp coverage as nobody else does it quite like this do not miss today's edition of olympic
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and i can rise to golden, north korean hits the target and a dual blago players missed the mark. >> it is when the covers the only fox 8 news at four can bring you today olympic moments. women's cycling, american has peddled to the gulf,, armstrong fought off the rain and nosebleed to capture the gold medal and then individual time trial or time of 44 minutes, 26 secondsti held off the russian challenger it is her third consecutive f gold in the event and an early birthday present,
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a south korean is the best pistol shooter in the world, overcoming adversity capture th gold medal in the men'sad 50-me pistol, a bad shot dropped into ninth place that he found his way back to the top it is his third-string gold medal, the amount takes a silver while north korea capture the bronze. >> appear american volleyball players are denied a chance to kasey middle in rio, patterson and jake gibb fell to spain in three sets the spanish team crushed patterson and get 15 to seven of the third set p americans already lost two australian they have finished last in the pool and haveve bee
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here's melissa myers with the weather , still looking at some possible storms, some are showing up on radar a severe thunderstorm warning. earlier today at burke lakefron it is quiet. a breeze created some of the showers just inland from the lake erie coast line,j at burke lakefront no problems. you are looking at hour loop of showers/storms and a severe warning for about the next 15 minuteses in geauga county near middlefield moving east at abou
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to 60 mph or higher with potential of quarter-sized hail. and mosquito lake and in some rainfall also. right along 80, just north, a strong line of showers/storms . lightning strikes are under 5,000. we had some heavy rain and storms yesterday i think it will be around early overnight
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moisture from the south linking upp from the last then could be some very heavy rainfall saturday and sunday. 84 degrees cleveland. southeast geauga county and trumbull till 5:00 p.m.g heat issues for the plains states, dakotas with watches/warnings. the cold front, will be making up and slowing down then it will be slow enough to produce some very heavy rainfall for the upcoming weekend. tonight if you even storms with more
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tomorrow afternoon and then tomorrow morning war could be widespread in having made up for the weekend. low '70s tonight. i looked over storm early then near 90 tomorrow could be numbe 21. hot hazy and humid with storms redeveloping in the afternoon, the same thi friday the 80's the weekend, back to sunshine with less heat/humidity tuesday-thursday next week. average price of movie ticket is around $9 mac you put down your money to see blockbuster he expect to see a
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not always the case,a a moviego
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spend money to see a movie hope to bebe retained it is expensiv but sometimes the movie stinks. >> that happens or not much tha you can do is go homee but not the case according to a pair of united kingdom brothers. says he wants to sue warner bros. an dc comics over the movie suicid squad siding
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the movie stinks. so he says h wants to file a lawsuit said that they used false advertising also misleading images he was upset because many previews featured the joker but he was only in the movie for about 15 minutes,ow black panther twice 16 city tried to get refund after making a 300-mile trip to londo to see the movie. but he was kicked out of the theater. that will do it for fox 8 news at four. today and five, a small business unveils a tracking devicesm to keep track of your pets or loved onest. to see how your support of the foxtrot will benefit veterans who may not knowwto th
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just to be out here, the plants got a great drink last night. it feels like, i close my eyes and feels like i am in a steam room at a very expensive spot somewhere, but this is free. the atmosphere has a lot to wor with in terms off moisture content. do not take much to trigger it. we have a light breeze enough trigger to get things going at the lakeshore today and inland,d, just by the very nature of the sun's energy you can see the light breeze is the primary trigger. you can see the line of showers/storms just south of o port clinton ov
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heights and then to southern ashtabula county. this batch earlier with the severe thunderstorm warning has since disappeared, but there is a flood advisory because lots of rainfall has fallen. i this is the radar, you can see the primary focus. why did not the this entire area here warm unstable situation. through this evening will see afternoonen pop-up shower storm with toasty temperatures. you saw that change from 82 , 283 hopkins with thunderstorms around here, earlier we had hit 90 macon and a number 20 of 90 plus temperatures. it is hot and more steamy air continues


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